“Moreporks At Midnight is what’s missing from my music collection.” 

Aaron in the 1st person

Throughout the peak of NZ’s music scene in the early 2000s Aaron’s 3rd band was packing out pubs and getting lots of TV and radio play nationwide. Although the networks and other bands didn’t “get it”, the audiences kept requesting and voted us up the charts.  Peaking at #4 on listeners response chart, next to Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The ego free, honest, and meticulous yet tongue-in-cheek style really connected.

“When I can’t get something out of my head I grab a guitar, come up with a couple of riffs, record, loop then jam along on the drums, bass, etc”

Aaron in the 1st person

Now, after selling his soul to make big bucks ascending the corporate ladder and suffering all the cliches like missing important dates with the kids, overnight deadlines, weight gain, divorce, struggling to pay the mortgage, and more, Aaron has returned to making music.

“I channel my creativity and self processing into what you hear here.”

Aaron in the 1st person again